Our Love Story

We Are Meant to Be Together

Olga & Dmitry have taken their time to meet.

our love story

Do you believe in destiny?

These two love birds definitely do.

Both of them were born on October 5th, on a different continent in the country that doesn't exist anymore – The Soviet Union. They met each other in the Summer 2015 in the United States.

It was a nice warm evening in San Francisco, the Italian restaurant Beretta on Valencia Street was crowded with people, but the two of them didn't notice anyone around - they were just talking and talking for hours as if they knew each other before. Olga and Dmitry started dating in August and since then they have been inseparable.

On December 3rd, 2016 Dmitry told Olga that they were going to his friend's birthday party in Half Moon Bay, but when they arrived to the beach Olga noticed her and Dmitry's families there. He organized this surprise gathering for a very special occasion. Dmitry went down on one knee and popped the question. He asked if she would marry him and she said: Yes!

"Magic is it, or destiny"

Our love story tales
Whenever we meet
Whenever we talk
And any time we walk
Alongside it seems
Why, how, or what can
Keep us apart from one another?
In bright light, or in darkness
On a warm sand, or in a cold water
A plain day, or a fun do-over
Say hi, or let it be
A very long good-bye.
Magic is it, or destiny
Oblivion, or obsession
With love, our time together
This must be the joy we
All seek in one another.

our love story